Much has changed in music in the past 24 years, what hasn't is the heart of the die hard music fan. The number of experts and content creators are numerous who claim to have the answers to a question we were never asked. Here at Tape Mag we are a first. We are a collection of fans and consumers who sat at kitchen tables on Sunday morning pouring over ads for the latest CDs set for release. We programmed VCRs to record specials on our favorite music channels while we were in school. We have plenty of memories saving up our allowances, which served as our ticket into a marketplace where we would regularly choose between two distinct, but similar experiences. Everything from the tearing off the plastic to that new cd and booklet smell. We want that back as much as you do. We've been through a lot and we're often misunderstood. Everyone seems to want to talk about our grievances without asking us. How did we feel about price fixing of the albums we loved and the deterioration of the record store and the cd single? How did we feel about the quality of those products and how of us really used file sharing programs. Did we really forgo what became our favorite past time for a low resolution mp3 file or where we in search of change in our relationship with what became corporatized art? All of those questions are more are answered in our pages. We know what music can be, we saw in. Today we are in pursuit of a renaissance of sorts or an robust industry that the next generation can experience. Here we seek to take music to the heights it was so close to before we lost touch, we are reconnecting the music fan to what they loved. Join us as we tell our stories and do all we can to revitalize the superhuman force that once was the music industry. From network phenomenons like Total Request Live, to marketplaces turned communities like Tower Records and The Wall. We want it all back and we won't stop until we get it.



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Tape Magazine is a subsidiary of Tape Enterprises, a private entity. We are completely grassroots with no link to any donors. We are completely free from any hinderances as it pertains to our freedom to write about what we truly think and believe.



We have opted out of the gossip business. We reject any content that cannot be sourced by video and/or text featuring the topic in question being addressed directly of the artist or respective source.


Our features are recurring. These include original creations like "Manic Tuesday" in addition to fan favorites like "WDYM?" and "Extra Extra"